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JP011CH Flute

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The JP011CH C Flute is a good quality student instrument specifically designed to get a novice player 'off and running'. The instrument has a full keywork system and includes an offset G and split E mechanism giving students all the tools they need to progress to a good level. This 'CH' variant of the JP011 is supplied with both curved and straight headjoints to increase the longevity of the instrument. This enables players to start earlier and then to progress once they are able to use the straight headjoint. The JP011CH is a favorite within the UK education sector and has been selected countless times to provide large numbers of students with a good quality starter instrument. It boasts "quality, tone and ease of use" whilst not over complicating and confusing students. Their lightweight form also encourages a positive posture and enables younger players to practice for longer.

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The JP011CH C Flute
is silver plated throughout and features a strong and durable full keywork
system including the addition of an offset G and split E mechanism. A novice
friendly curved and straight headjoint design promotes easy learning and
delivers a positive sound.

The instrument is supplied with a lightweight case that is well-designed and
attractively styled with a reflective safety strap. A comfortable shoulder
strap is included as standard. The case includes purpose built internal
compartments for all parts including both the curved and straight headjoints.


Manufactured to a high quality standard as is expected with all JP Instruments,
The JP011CH C Flute is guaranteed for 12 months against faulty manufacturing or
materials and is fully tested prior to sale.


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