About Overture

Q. What is Overture?
A.  Overture is an exciting new way to start your child’s musical journey. Traditional instrument purchasing options have included over-priced beginner models or for rentals that can cost $500-$600 in the first year alone. With Overture you purchase your instrument for a fraction of the cost of rent-to-own, while enjoying the peace of mind of being able to return your instrument for a preset price should your child’s interests change. For additional details please watch our video introduction.

Q. Who is DF Music Inc?
A.  DF Music Inc is the music store that started the Overture Instrument Program. Come visit DF Music online at DFMusicinc.com when your student is ready for the next steps in their musical journey.

Q. Is this a rental/lease program?
A.  No, with Overture you own your instrument. Not only do you own it but the costs of ownership can be drastically less than renting or leasing an instrument. For full details on this please check out one of our informative videos on renting vs Overture.

Q. Is it better to rent or buy?
A.  There are many reasons one might rent or buy an instrument. Rentals started at a time when beginner instruments didn’t exist. Now a days there are plenty of beginner instruments available but traditional stores and manufactures have inflated the consumer pricing to dictate rentals. With Overture we offer high quality student instruments at a very affordable price that make buying from us the clear choice. For a full explanation on how we can offer this please watch our introduction to Overture video.

Q. Do I own my instrument?
A.  With Overture from the moment you get your instrument it’s yours. No additional fee’s, no monthly payments, no long winded fine print leasing contracts.

Q. Are these new instruments?
A. All Overture instruments are brand new.

Q. How do I know what other supplies we need?
A.  All of our instruments come with everything you need to use your instrument. Additional accessories like music stands, lesson books, or cleaning supplies depend on you and your instructor’s personal requirements.

About our Instrments

Q. What brand of instruments do you have?
A.  All instruments with Overture are John Packer instruments. John Packer is a British based company that sells instrument internationally.

Q. Why are your instruments less expensive?
A.  John Packer makes their instruments for the international market where rental programs and other manufactures have not artificially inflated prices to sustain rental business. We are simply offering you the chance to purchase a high-quality instrument at a reasonable price because John Packer instruments are not in rental programs.

Q. Do I own my instrument?
A.Once you buy it is yours. The fact that we offer the Buy Back Guarantee just makes it easier should your child’s interests move away from music.

Q. Is this a rental/lease program?
A.  No, with Overture you own your instrument. Not only do you own it but the costs of ownership can be drastically less than renting or leasing an instrument. For full details on this please check out one of our informative videos on renting vs Overture.

Q. What instruments are available?
A.  Standard beginning band instruments are available. Bb Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, Flute, Bb Trumpet, Tenor Trombone, and French Horn.

Q. Do you sell other instrument brands?
A.  Overture works exclusively with John Packer. But when you are ready to purchase an advanced level instrument our parent company DF Music has additional instrument options and brands available. Just check out www.dfmusicinc.com.

Q. What comes with my instrument?
A.  Your instrument comes with all items necessary to play your instrument. For a full list of what each individual instrument comes with please visit our product pages.

Q. Are these new instruments?
A.  All Overture instruments are brand new.

Q. Do you sell advanced level instruments? 
A. We sell advanced level instruments through our parent company DF Music. You can find them at Dfmusicinc.com

Q. How do I maintain/service an instrument?
A.  Most of the standard level maintenance for a beginner instrument can be done at home. For tips please watch our video section in maintenance tips. For repair service due to accidental damage all John Packer instruments can be serviced at your local music repair store. We also have an ever growing list of participating Overture repair techs.

Q. What if I don’t see my instrument type?
A.  Unfortunately, at this time the Overture program is limited to the basic beginner band instruments. For additional instruments please visit our parent company DF Music at dfmusicinc.com.

Our Buy-Back Policy

Q. What is the buy back guarantee?
A.  The Overture buy back guarantee allows you to return your instrument to us for a pre-determined price as detailed in our short contract. We know that investing in a new activity can sometimes change course and with our buy back guarantee it minimizes the financial risk to getting your new musician started.

Q. How do I set up a buy back return?
A.  You can contact us through the Overture buy back section on our website or app. You can also contact us directly for instructions via phone or email.

Q. My instrument is damaged can I still return it?
A.  If your instrument has been damaged it is no longer valid with the Overture buy back guarantee portion of our program. However, if you would like us to access the damage we may still be able to take back your instrument at a price determined based on the damage.

Q. Do I need return authorization?
A.  Return authorization is necessary for us to process all returns whether it be for the Overture Buy Back Guarantee or a manufacturing defect.

Q. How do I get paid from the buy back?
A.  We will issue you a check for the amount based on instrument and time of return.

Q. How do I know if my instrument meets buy back requirements?
A.  Instruments being sent back through the Overture Buy Back Guarantee will be accepted with normal wear and tear for the preset pricing. This means the instrument must be free of damage due to negligence such as dents, larges scratches, gouges, broken cases. Please read your Overture contract for full details on return requirements.


Processing Orders and Returns

Q. What form of payments are accepted?
A.  We except credit card, debit card, check or cash. Please note that checks must be deposited before we can ship your instrument.


Q. How long will it take to receive my instrument?
A.  We use UPS, FedEx and USPS. Ship times can vary depending on location. Our standard shipping window is 5-7 business days. Orders arriving before 1pm (CST) have a 1 day processing time. Orders received after 1pm may take an extra day for processing.

Q. How will my instrument arrive?
A.  Your instrument will arrive via FedEx, UPS or USPS in a box labeled with your instrument type. Accessories may ship in a separate box.


Q. Is there a Return Policy
A.  All instruments have a 30 day money back guarantee for any manufacturing defect. Your instrument is also covered by John Packer’s 2 year warranty that protects against any manufacturing defects which will cover necessary repair costs to fix the defect or will result in an exchange.

Q. What’s the difference between the return policy and buy-back program?
A.  A return policy is only good for 30 days and only protects against manufacturing defects whereas the buy back program is a built-in program that allows you to send back your instrument for any reason for a pre-set price for the first 365 days of ownership.

Q. Do I pay return shipping?
A.  Instrument being returned for manufacturing defect have all costs covered. If you are participating in the Overture buy back program return shipping is not covered.


About Our Contract

Q.  Why is there a contract?
A.  This contract ensures that your get the service and care you need to participate in our buy back guarantee, warranties, and to receive the best customer experience we can provide.

Q.  Do I need to sign the contract?
A.  If you would like to be eligible for our excellent buy back guarantee at no additional cost then yes, you need to sign our contract. If you are not interested in signing a contract, you can buy John Packer instruments on our parent company website at www.dfmusicinc.com

Instrument Support

Q.  Do the instruments have a warranty?
A.  All instruments in the Overture program are John Packer and are covered by their 2 year warranty that protects against manufacturing defects.

Q.  What if my instrument needs repair?
A.  John Packer is a national and internationally recognized brand. Your local repair tech has access to parts and can repair your instrument due to accidental damage. If you have any issues at all with repair service contact us directly and we can help get what you need or provide you a repair location from our growing network of Overture approved techs.

Q.  Who do I contact if I have questions about my instrument?
A.  You can contact us directly at info@overturefirst.com or at 630-267-9828.

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